Sheffield Interiors
Sheffield Interiors
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Alison Sheffield is a Boston-area Interior Designer with a deep love for creating beautiful livable spaces.  During her 15-year career Alison has been published in Better Homes & Gardens, Boston Globe Magazine, and most recently, Alison’s home, which she designed, was featured in Designer Erin Gate’s newest bestseller, Elements of Family Style, as an example of how to live stylishly with children and pets. 

With a keen eye for layering, a tendency toward the traditional but, with a modern touch and always a healthy dose of humor. She firmly believes a space be it a home should always reflect the persons who inhabits it - their interests, lifestyle and taste.

 Estimated Fees

Entries, Halls, Powder Rooms, Laundry Areas - $1,000

Living, Dining and Family rooms, Bedrooms, Nurseries and Home Offices - $2,000. 

Smaller Projects and E-Designs have a billable hourly rate of $150.

Sheffield Interiors

277 South Main Street

Cohasset, MA 02025